Mach85 Inc. is a global provider of revolutionary engineering technology.

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We are experienced

With over a decade of experience, Mach85 Inc. specializes in non-contact 3D measurements, ballistic testing, computer simulations (FEA), material characterization and environmental testing.

We are innovative

Focused on relevant and timely data, combined with responsive customer service and innovative solutions, Mach85 Inc. is a one stop shop for all of your engineering needs.

We save our clients time and money

Mach85 Inc. has provided its clients with cost and time savings of over 90% compared to traditional engineering methods. Our revolutionary technology will change the way you do business.

Here’s what we do.

Non-contact 3d measurements
computer simulations (fea)
Ballistic Testing
material characterization
Environmental Testing

Check us out in the Canadian Defence Review magazine’s 25th Anniversary Edition.

Mach85 Inc. is a proud member of:

Aeroballistic Range Association

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