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Mach85 Inc. | What we do | Revolutionary Engineering Technology

About us

We’re one of a kind.
We believe that you deserve correct results the first time.
With over a decade of experience working with Global Fortune 500 companies, the founder and CEO of Mach85 Inc., Shaun Kennedy (P.Eng), believes that a streamlined business is one that delivers efficient, accurate and relevant results.

We are experts in:

Non-contact 3D measurements
Computer Simulations (FEA)
Ballistic Testing
Material Characterization
Environmental Testing
Mechanical Design

Why work with us ?

With over a decade of experience in technical engineering practices, Mach85 Inc. is an industry leader for your engineering needs.

We are an industry leader

We are experts in technology that is revolutionizing the engineering profession.

We have worked with Global Fortune 500 companies

We count some of the world’s largest companies as our clients.

We're problem solvers

Things don’t always go as planned. But don’t sweat it, we know what we’re doing. We are innovative thinkers and quick movers – we get the job done.

No red tape

Our nimble team can deliver quick turnaround time and timely solutions. 

Have a project ? We can help.

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