Founded by Shaun Kennedy, P. Eng., along with business partner Luc LeBlanc, Mach85 is made up of a team of engineers, computer scientists and technical staff. 
Shaun Kennedy, P. Eng – President & CEO
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Acadia University ’03)
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (University of New Brunswick ’07)
  • PhD candidate in Mechancial Engineering (University of New Brunswick)
  • – 506.206.3898
After beginning his career in the nuclear industry, Shaun entered the field of impact testing in 2009 and has since developed expertise in non-contact 3D measurements, computer simulations (finite element analysis), material characterization, and impact testing. His experience in impact testing includes subsonic, supersonic and hypervelocity impacts, and he has worked closely with large companies in the aerospace and defence industries.
In his spare time, Shaun likes to play hockey and music, travel and spend time with his wife and two kids.
Luc LeBlanc – Engineering Specialist, Partner
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Universite de Moncton ’11) 
  • Master of Applied Sciences (Universite de Moncton ’15)
During his graduate studies, he specialized in finite element analysis and material characterization of composites. Since graduating, Luc has strengthened his skills and experience in Digital Image Correlation and high speed impact testing (subsonic, supersonic and hypervelocity).

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