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Mach 85 Inc. | Hypersonic, Supersonic and Subsonic Impact Testing

Ballistic Testing

When data is most critical.
In partnership with the University of New Brunswick’s Ballistic and Mechanical Test Lab, Mach85 Inc.┬áprovides services to leading commercial space systems providers and several of the largest global aerospace and defence OEMs. Our experience in test services includes subsonic, supersonic and hypervelocity testing. With the majority of this experience coming from impact testing for the aerospace and defence sectors, we also have experience in other standardized and non-standardized testing within these sectors.
Let our experience save you valuable time and money by assisting you with all of the critical steps, from designing the experiments, to executing the tests, all the way to the final analysis of the results.


Tests of less than 1 m/s to over 300 m/s.

One of the largest Foreign Object Damage (FOD) guns in the world.

Sample applications:

  • Bird strikes

  • Hail (at temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius)

  • Runway debris

  • Blade out

  • Hurricane debris


Single Stage Light Gas Guns at speeds typically under 2 km/s.

Hand guns and rifle testing.

Sample applications:

  • Armour testing

  • STANAG testing – Fragment Simulating Projectile (FSP) & Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP)

  • Ballistic limit (V-50)

  • Material characterization


Two-stage Light Gas Guns with speeds over 8 km/s.

Sample applications:

  • Space armour

  • Military armour

  • Shock physics

  • Material characterization

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