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Mach85 Inc. | Non-contact 3D measurements

Non-contact 3D measurements

Now you can get the whole picture.

What are non-contact 3D measurements?

We specialize in non-contact optical measurement techniques that will revolutionize the way your company acquires data. It provides 3D full-field measurements of:

  • Coordinates

  • Displacements

  • Strains

  • Velocities

  • Accelerations

Typically a test article can be prepped extremely quickly by applying a stochastic pattern using only thin layers of paint. A stereo pair of cameras is then used to track the varying grey-levels with sub-pixel accuracy.

Why use non-contact 3D measurements? 

There are significant benefits to using DIC over traditional methods such as strain gauges, extensometers, LVDT’s, accelerometers, laser vibrometers, etc. Some of these benefits include:

  • Full-field measurements means you get a full 3D contour plot of the data you are interested in instead of just a single point. For example, why spend valuable hours determining where you need to place a strain gauge to capture the maximum strain and then hope that your efforts were correct, when you can easily acquire strain over the entire part and allow reality to tell you where the max strain is.

  • You get coordinates, displacement, strain, velocity, and acceleration data using only one measurement tool.

  • It is relatively quick to set up and acquire data compared to traditional methods.

  • Can measure much larger strains than strain gauges are capable of.

  • Get directional, principal, and Mises strains (easy determination of Poisson’s ratio)

  • Easy comparison with finite element models for validation purposes

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